Adds, Moves & Changes

Parcomm Limited can provide a cable management service for new installations, relocated equipment and existing equipment. Parcomm will :-

  • Install colour coded leads
  • Label leads for easy identification
  • Tidy and manage existing cabling
  • Remove unwanted cabling
  • Cable manage new installation

Parcomm Limited can offer a desktop relocation service. This service includes PCs, printers and scanners. In our pre-move audit we consider the network configuration of each desktop that is to move. All equipment is labelled before moving to new desk, the equipment will be powered up and connected to the network and connectivity to the network tested.

Moves and Changes (MAC) Coordination: we can provide you with an onsite specialist, be it on a permanent or temporary basis. They will manage as much or as little of your ongoing moves and changes requirements, from preparation to minor pre-moves and larger moves. Our services include:-

  • Attendance to relocation meeting
  • Small/large internal moves
  • Complete floor box moves and patching
  • RJ45 Heads
  • Work flexible hours to fit around move activity
  • Support the Facilities department planning larger moves
  • Provide post-move support

Please contact Parcomm when you need:

  • PC relocation
  • Desktop, printers, faxes moving
  • A complete IT package relocation
  • Cable Management
  • Moves and Changes